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Complex Research of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf

Tomsk Polytechnic University is a scientific center actively participating in the Arctic studies. The University was a co-founder of an international scientific group conducting research in the field of biogeochemical consequences of permafrost degradation in the Arctic Ocean.

Space Materials Science

The University has a long history of space research. For a long time, TPU scientists have developed innovative technologies for space exploration: a drilling device for the automatic lunar station, a satellite produced with 3D printing, protection devices for the ISS, and others. TPU is Nowadays it is one of the centers of cutting-edge space research.

Big Data Technology

Who owns the information - owns the world. Nowadays the humankind are sinking in information and it needs new technologies to analyze, process, and storage it. TPU is actively developing such technologies, conducting research and applied projects with national and international partners.

Special People

The litmus paper of the society's moral and ethical level is the attitude toward the most vulnerable members of this society: senior citizens, people with disabilities, and children. The University strives to have a positive impact on society through the development of social engineering technology and research support, and as a result to improve the overall quality of life.

Unconventional Natural Resources

Nowadays the problems of resource efficiency and environmental friendly reserve development are vital for further development of the humankind. By 2040 about 16% of liquid hydrocarbons will be extracting from hard-to-recover reserves. Only highly qualified specialists and resource-efficient technologies may ensure our future and TPU is among those who accepted this challenge.

Robotics and Distributed Object Management

The forthcoming fourth industrial revolution is related to refusing manual labor in routine operations and creating conditions for human-robot interaction, and the use of autonomous robots and vehicles for research and industry purposes.

Industrial Tomography and Non-Destructive Testing

Industrial tomography and non-destructive testing are one of the most promising research fields at TPU. The University betatrons and specialists in this area are in demand all over the world.

Clean Water

In the XXth century, the consumption of freshwater has increased sevenfold. On the other hand, according to the UN, about one-third of the world's population lives in countries suffering from a lack of clean water. That is why TPU scientists are concerned about water purification and the development of innovative technologies in this area.


It is the constant development of the energy industry that allows humanity to enjoy the usual benefits of civilization. Tomsk Polytechnic University strives to expand technologies in this field and to train highly qualified specialists both for research and industrial needs.

Nuclear Technology for Medicine

The University poses the Nuclear Research Reactor, providing all necessary conditions for researching, designing and testing products of nuclear medicine. Nowadays the number of patients examined and diagnosed using radiopharmaceuticals produced by TPU or jointly with TPU goes to millions.

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