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Roadmap Presentation


Formulation of the University Strategic Goal

The goals model and development strategy of the University are predetermined by the analysis of the worldwide trends in the research and educational fields and global challenges the humanity is facing.

Strategic goal

Tomsk Polytechnic University as a research center and one of the leaders in the field of resource-efficient technology, whose achievements will be used for solving global problems of the humankind on the way to its sustainable development.

System of Goals:
  • world-class science and research in the field of resource efficiency;
  • globally competitive engineering education;
  • dissemination of the best academic and engineering practices;
  • close collaboration with industry and other stakeholders towards innovation;
  • training and engagement of the distinguished students, scientists, and teachers;
  • positioning Tomsk as a unique world-class research and educational center;
  • transition into a university focusing on graduate and postgraduate education;
  • efficient resource management;
  • social accountability and responsibility at the regional, national and global level. 

The list of obligatory and supplementary performance indicators and their values along with calculation methods

The University Mission

The Mission of National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University is to enhance the competitiveness of the country by providing internationalization and integration of research, education and training applied in the process of educating engineering elite, generating new knowledge and innovative ideas, developing resource-efficient technologies (adopted by the University Academic Board on 05.04.2011).

The University values are as follows:
  • freedom and enthusiasm in expanding knowledge in the priority fields of science for the benefit of the humankind and wellbeing while observing professional ethics;
  • innovations in science and education in striving for excellence in professional areas;
  • independent thinking and creativity in addressing challenges, faced by the University, the country, and the whole world;
  • social responsibility for the results of the University activity;
  • staff involvement in all fields of the University activities that allows the teachers, other employees, and students, both the present and future ones, to fulfill their full potential;
  • unity of the University alumni, students and employees, based on century-long traditions established throughout our history;
  • the corporate culture that provides an open atmosphere and comfortable university environment;
  • freedom of personality that is manifested in the elimination of any racial, ethnic, religious, gender, political or other forms of discrimination.

Strategic Program on National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University Competitiveness Enhancement in the Group of Top Level World Research and Academic Institutions

Action Plan on the Implementation of Competitiveness Enhancement Program (Roadmap) of National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University 2013–2020 (Stage 4: 2018-2020)


Resource and energy efficiency programs

One of the crucial elements of the university long-term development is resource and energy efficiency programs. Tomsk Polytechnic University understands its role as the training center, propagating new approaches to efficient resources and energy consumption, as R&D involved in the development of new smart and green technologies. Thereby the Tomsk University directs its actions to both internal structure and corporate environment and the national and international community.

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