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13.07.2016 International Students

Ahmed Ibrahim, teacher from Egypt, is going to obtain postgraduate degree at Tomsk Polytechnic University. Since October 2015 Ahmed was studying at preparatory course for undergraduate and postgraduate students based on unique program developed at TPU. This summer he has passed all final exams successfully and now Ahmed is preparing to research works at the Institute of Power Engineering of Tomsk Polytechnic University.

Ahmed obtained Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Zagazig University. Zagazig is located 76 km away from Cairo.

"My research area – is power engineering, or rather alternative energy sources. In Tomsk Polytechnic University I’m going to study methods of electricity generation from wind power", - says Ahmed Ibrahim.

According to the future TPU postgraduate student, development of alternative energy sources is one of the most essential scientific fields in Egypt.

"Our main task is to learn how to convert energy from natural environmental sources into electricity inexpensively and in large quantities. In addition, it is also one of the safest and most environmentally friendly ways of electricity generation ", - says the young scientist.

Meanwhile, conditions for the development of such technologies in Egypt are quite favorable - sunny climate, and windy in desert areas.

"You ask me why I decided to leave hot, sunny country and move to Siberia?

Firstly, I believe that Tomsk Polytechnic University is one of the best Russian universities. It is prestigious to study here. Secondly, TPU has a very strong power engineering school. It gives not only fundamental knowledge but also applied science.

There are many good teachers, modern laboratories In Tomsk Polytechnic University. TPU is worth studying here"- says the future postgraduate student.

From October 2015 to June 2016 Ahmed has been studying at the preparatory course of the Institute of International Education and Language Communication (IIE & LC) based on unique program designed to prepare international students for direct entry into Tomsk Polytechnic University's wide range of degree studies.

"Having arrived in Tomsk I could not say a word in Russian, and now speak fluent Russian and can understand it without an interpreter. I consider it a great achievement for myself. Together with the Russian language, I also studied mathematics, physics, chemistry, philosophy, and other subjects that could help in further education. I had to study very hard. I even lost some weight during this time ", - laughs Ahmed.

However, it caused by not only learning, but also leisure.

"I like to play football and tennis. Every Sunday, as it was the only free day in my schedule, I spent in the University gym with my fellow students from Vietnam, who also came here to study Russian. We became good friends during that time. We went to the cinema together to watch movies in Russian and even walked around Tomsk."

After passing all final exams Ahmed is going to spend the rest of summer in Egypt, and in September - to continue his studies in Tomsk.

"I have already met with my research supervisor. Upon completion my postgraduate studies at TPU I’ll go back to Egypt to continue my research activity"

- Says Ahmed.

According to the results of his research the young scientist intends to publish scientific papers in both English and Russian languages.

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