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Nowadays, the Center for Volunteer Services and Social Activity became a platform for the implementation of social initiatives of the University’s students and employees, giving them an opportunity to fulfill their ideas and make the world a little bit better for all. 

The long history of the University’s volunteering movement includes various events, initiatives, and projects, which gave important experience and became a basis for the creation of the Center for Volunteer Services and Social Activity in 2011. 


A volunteer program of the XXII Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi (2014) significantly boosted volunteering activities both at TPU and national-wide. The University recruited and trained a qualified volunteer team, which took an active part in the organization and support of the Olympic Games, that is 413 volunteers in the area IT-technology.

2014, the Center became a member of the Assembly of Volunteer Centers, created as a continuation of the Sochi-2014 volunteer initiative, making a considerable contribution to the development of volunteerism in Russia.

The center carries out activities in the following fields:

  • Education;
  • Events support;
  • Social volunteering;
  • Healthy lifestyle propagation;
  • Patriotic upbringing.


  1. Volunteer classes

The center is developing and conducting classes in various fields, such as Ecology. The Second Life of Packaging; from Science to the Front (the Second World War); Stay Healthy; and Classes of Goodness.

  1. Educational activities for volunteers

The center held two educational schools for volunteers: School of Business Competencies and School of Social Design. The schools' main goals were training new volunteers and advanced training of the mature ones. The center trained a regional volunteer group, including 400 people, for the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.


Events support

The center’s volunteers participated in organization and support of various national and international events, such as: the World Robot Olympiad, the final 8th stage of the 2014/2015 World Cup for the Bobsleigh and Skeleton, the Luge World Cup, the International Convention SportAccord 2015; 9th stage of the Luge World Cup; the Cup of Nations at Sochi; the Olympic Congress; the Ice Hockey World Championship (St. Petersburg 2016); the 700th anniversary of Sergius of Radonezh, and others. In addition, the center supported an all-Russia event in the framework of the days of united actions of the Assembly of Volunteer Centers, held in Tomsk.  

Between 2014-2017, more than 1500 volunteers participated in many international and social events, held in Tomsk and Tomsk Region, such as International Forum of Young Scientists U-Novus; the Festival Star Country of the All-Russia Blind Society; Charitable Marathon; Day of Tomich; the 120th anniversary of TPU, and many other events.

Charity events

Present a New Year’s miracle to children. Every year, the volunteers collected more than 150 presents for children from orphanages and rehabilitation centers. They receive presents during New Year's charity performance.

I am a donor. The event is conducted two times a year. For the last five years, the Tomsk blood bank collected more than 500 liters of blood, saving many lives.

A project - Shaggy Miracle. The project was launched in 2016 and for one and a half year, the volunteers have managed to collect more than 100 kg of pet food for animal shelters in Tomsk. In addition, the center helped with shelters cleaning, built booths, and prepared aviaries for the winter.

In October 2016, the University’s volunteer center became one of the winners (one and only in Tomsk and the second the Siberian region) of competition, allowing the University to become a volunteer recruiting and training center for the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, Sochi 2017. As a result, the center interviewed 1600 applicants and selected 200 volunteers, who represented the region in the festival. In addition, five TPU volunteers came in the TOP-500 list volunteers of the festival.

Healthy lifestyle

2014, 60 the center's volunteer-girls participated in a sports project - Be in Rhythm, held for the first time in Tomsk, and in an international fitness marathon.

2015, the volunteers supported the organization of an all-Russia sports initiative GTO.

In December 2017, the center staff received a letter of gratitude from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation – For Contribution to the Development of the Voluntary Movement.

Natalia Ushakova

Director of Volunteer and Social Activities Center

 Office 2, 13v Usova Street

 +7(3822) 60-62-33

 [email protected]

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