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The modern world has faced the number of ecological problems, related to increased greenhouse gas emission, water, air and soil pollution, water scarcity, inefficient resource use, and many others. Universities, research centers, and other think tanks should play a crucial role in countering these challenges. 

Tomsk Polytechnic University, along with other world universities, actively participates in research activities, focused on environmental sustainability, and conducts its own green policy. About 30% of the university total R&D budget is invested in sustainable environmental studies. In 2017, there were 2626 articles, dedicated to the problems of environmental sustainability. One of the core areas of the University research activity is Complex Research of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf and Clean Water initiative as well. The first one is dedicated to permafrost degradation and the effect of this process on the greenhouse gases emission and climate changes. The second one is related to the development of the methods and technologies for water treatment.

It is worth noting, that TPU has installed 70 chemical-free local water treatment complexes (complex size is only 10х5х2.5м) in 69 Tomsk settlements. In 2017, about 56,5 thousand rural residents have received access to safe drinking water. It was decided to continue the project.   

On the other hand, the key aspects of TPU inner policy are the development of smart spaces on the campus, resource efficiency approaches, and propagation of environmentally friendly behavior. In 2017, Tomsk University invested about 12% of its total budget into the development of its environmentally-friendly facilities.

Tomsk University has two city campuses. The total territory of the main campus is 2 209 240 km2, where the total building area is 340 250 km2. In recent years, the University has succeeded to turn 239 516 m2 of its main campus building area into smart space. It is worth noting, that part of campus buildings are architectural monuments, so TPU had to apply special approaches to upgrade them. Thus, the main point of modernization was to build a balanced employee/student-friendly work environment and resource-efficient space, where people can comfortably work, study and create. 

It is worth mentioning, that 75.8% of campus occupied by green areas including lawns, gardens, roofs, and etc.

Currently, the University is developing a special program for corporate and private vehicles of the university staff, aimed to decrease their negative effect on nature. Moreover, TPU has three renewable energy sources on campus. Currently, TPU is recycling a considerable part of its organic, inorganic, and toxic waste and it is constantly increasing its share.

Tomsk Polytechnic University conducts efficient inner environmental policy and research projects and the current position in the UI Green Metrics World University Ranking 2019 highlight this. 

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