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14.03.2018 International Students

Ilyas Ezzahid came to Tomsk from Casablanca, an economic capital of Morocco. Now Ilyas studies at the Pre-university Course of Tomsk Polytechnic University, mastering Russian, improving mathematics, physics, chemistry and other subjects. His goal is to earn a degree in chemistry in Russia. Ilyas recognizes that in the future he would like to apply the knowledge gained in the cosmetic industry.



‘I have got a mixed family: my mother is Russian, my father is Moroccan. He is a pharmacist and received his education in Russia. Therefore, study in Russia for me is similar to visiting my second motherland. Indeed, my father supported my decision to study here.


Besides, I believe that TPU provides a good level of chemical education. I looked for a Russian technical university and eventually I chose Tomsk Polytechnic University,’

says Ilyas Ezzahid.


While Ilyas studies at the Pre-university course, he still has enough time to opt a bachelor program.


‘Chemical technology offers opportunities for development in various domains. It can be either chemical production, pharmaceutics, or food industry. But so far, I am most interested in chemistry of cosmetic industry,’ says the student.


At home, Ilyas’s family speaks three languages: English, Arabic, and French. He has never studied Russian and prior to his arrival to Tomsk he knew only a few words and phrases. Now, after six months of study at the Pre-university Course he already confidently talks about himself in Russian.


‘We have excellent teachers, they are very attentive to us. They try not only to convey knowledge to us but also to surround us with care.


Usually, we have three-four classes per day, and on weekends, we have a city tour with a teacher. Of course, I can’t say that the Russian language is easy to learn,’ shares Ilyas. ‘I believe that other international students will agree with me that the most complicated thing in Russian is cases.’


The student recognizes that in Tomsk Polytechnic he likes both teachers and multicultural campus environment.


‘I live in the student residence with other foreigners. They are from Egypt, Iraq, Italy, and Korea. Sometimes, we cook our national food and invite neighbors. It’s great to live in such a company,’ adds Ilyas.


Currently, totally 143 people from 33 countries study at the TPU Pre-university Course. Here they study the Russian language, as well as subjects related to four training directions. Most students are going to join engineering programs. At the same time, there are prospective specialists in biomedicine, economics, and humanities. After the Pre-university Course, they will pursue their study at undergraduate and graduate programs.

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